Private Label

Private label options allow the flexibility to truly customize products specifically for your brand. This includes customization to potency as well as quantities.

Private Label CBD models offer the perfect opportunity for businesses and entrepreneurs that are looking to diversify their current offers, penetrate new markets, or simply supplement existing revenue streams.

We offer a range of premium finished products, quality ingredients and competitive pricing. Whether you choose our white label services with no customization or our private label services with as much customization as you need, we can help you create a brand that gets noticed for its quality, consistency and compliance.


Unique, Customized, High-Quality Products

The CBD market is in the early stages of spectacular growth trend and has the potential to be one of the largest ingredient applications globally. Private label is the next frontier for CBD products, and we stand ready to help you develop the unique, customized, high-quality products you need to become leaders in this competitive category. Our private label process takes the guesswork out of formulation and labeling. We also can help build confidence in your brand and accelerate time to market through our value-added marketing and sales support.

Your Opportunity

As one of the largest vertically integrated CBD manufacturer and distributors in the U.S., we’ve learned over the years what works and what doesn’t when it comes to CBD. We know that making it easy to do business with us works best for our customers … and that’s why we communicate with you upfront on our white label, private label and bulk processes, so you know exactly what to expect.


Our proprietary manufacturing processes focus on high-quality formulation, product testing, and stability testing. Quality is the foundation of our business; compliance is the natural result.

Lab Testing

As a pioneer in the CBD industry, we continue to lead the industry on the use of proper lab testing procedures. Our compliance team has developed formal standard operating procedures (SOP) and oversees the testing process for all of our products. It’s important to understand each form of CBD product has specific testing requirements for accurate results, and our team has specific quality standards for every manufactured product.

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